Sarah & Amit

In a top school district, with a growing family, Sarah and Amit need to determine whether to move or transform their starter home into their forever home. They need an additional bedroom and bathroom, extra space for adult Zen time, a homework spot, a home office and more storage. Which is cheaper? How long will it take and how difficult is it build? They’d like an analysis of both options and to be able to visualize how much yard space will be left if they build an addition.


Getting ready to retire, additional rental income was KEY to Marilyn’s retirement plan! She intends to rent her main house, convert her garage to rent as a studio and build a separate, wheelchair-accessible, ADU for herself in the backyard to enjoy her golden years.


Investing in his first starter home, Lorenzo is seeking a place where he can live, that will grow in value while he rents extra rooms. Not too far from work or his favorite fishing spot and just the right distance from his family.

Li & Amy

Li and Amy would like to diversify their assets by getting a foothold in real estate. Their goal is to purchase their first remote property, with a full-time property manager, so they can focus on their tech careers.