We help homeowners, and homebuyers better understand and realize the potential of any residential property, as an investment and as a primary residence.


HOME HIPPOS is a construction and real estate technology company focused on residential analysis to optimize any home’s space and value. Our 3D Visualization, Analysis, and Pro-Matching tools help you re-imagine your home and property in a way never available before.

Visualize construction projects on your site in 3D, calculate estimated construction cost and ROI. Should you decide to move forward on a project, we’ll introduce you to the best Pros to help you realize your goals.

Our Construction Concierge is available throughout your project to help you stay on track.

Our Project Portal makes it easy to stay organized and get quotes from the various Pros you’ll need along your construction journey.


Catherine and Priyanka decided to merge their nearly 40 years of combined experience across real estate, software engineering, data-mining, and construction industries to create HOME HIPPOS.

They recognized mutual synergies in their respective businesses and felt that together they could provide a better, unified solution to help homeowners understand how to maximize the value of their home property. Priyanka, an expert in data analysis and real-estate investing, leads technology solutions, financial analysis, and customized reporting for the homeowner. Catherine, experienced in construction, has helped Silicon Valley Homeowners optimize the value of their properties, and create their dream homes throughout her career.

Priyanka Jain

CEO & Tech Lead
  • 18+ Years of experience in the tech industry

Catherine Greer

President & Product Lead
  • 20+ Years of experience in the construction industry