Create Your Dream Home | Increase Equity | Generate Income

Visualize and determine property potential!

HOME HIPPOS 3D Visualization, Analysis, and Pro-Match tools are a game-changer for anyone who owns a home or is searching to buy one!

Whether your goal is to expand and renovate a home, build a second unit, or optimize its value, we help you re-imagine your home and explore property-potential in a way never available before.

  • Visualize construction projects on your site in 3D
  • Calculate estimated construction cost and ROI
  • Discover which expansion/renovation projects add the most value- some up to 300%
  • Learn how a property has performed, as an investment, in the past and how it is expected to perform in the future

Transform your existing home into your dream home

Add more space to your home to better fit your lifestyle while increasing equity.

  • Expand and renovate your home to make room for your growing family (or multi-generational living)
  • Build a Gourmet Kitchen with an open floor-plan and connection to the backyard
  • Add a master bedroom suite, home office, bathroom, bedroom or new entry, and much more

Generate additional income

Build a second unit or convert a garage to rent.

  • Rent your primary residence, build a second unit or convert a garage to rent- learn how much rental income you can make!
  • Calculate estimated construction cost and return-on-investment on potential projects
  • Build wealth by increasing equity and cash-flow

Is Home Hippos right for you?

Have you ever wondered which makes more sense: expand and remodel your home OR buy a new home?

How would you even go about making that decision?

What will it cost and look like? Where do you start, and how do you find the best pros to design and build your project?

Or, perhaps you’ve searched tirelessly for a new home, but the lack of inventory has forced you to buy a home you will need to expand and remodel? How will you compare homes and determine which has the best investment potential? Who can you hire to help figure this out?

How much rental income could you make if you were to build a second unit?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions and uncertainty has held you back, Home Hippos is here to help!

We provide all the expertise you need in one place to help you visualize large home expansion/renovation projects and calculate cost and ROI data so you can make the best investment decision based upon your goals!



Home Hippos will send you a Free Sample Report to improve an existing home or discover a property to purchase. If you like what you see, hire us to prepare your Custom Home Analysis.



Home Hippos experts will analyze your investment goals, provide data and offer solutions, including 3D visualizations for construction projects so you can choose the best option for you.



Home Hippos will introduce you to vetted, high-quality architects, contractors, lenders, real estate agents and property managers in your area with the expertise you need to realize your goals.



Sarah & Amit

In a top school district, with a growing family, Sarah and Amit need to determine whether to move or transform their starter home into their forever home. They need an additional bedroom and bathroom, extra space for adult Zen time, a homework spot, a home office, and more storage. Which is cheaper? How long will it take, and how difficult is it to build? They’d like an analysis of both options and to be able to visualize how much yard space will be left if they build an addition.


Getting ready to retire, additional rental income was KEY to Marilyn’s retirement plan! She intends to rent her main house, convert her garage to rent as a studio, and build a separate, wheelchair-accessible ADU for herself in the backyard where she can enjoy her golden years.


Investing in his first starter home, Lorenzo is looking for a place where he can live that will grow in value while he rents extra rooms. Not too far from work or his favorite fishing spot and just the right distance from his family.

Li & Amy

Li and Amy would like to diversify their assets by getting a foothold in real estate. Their goal is to purchase a property they plan on expanding and optimizing to generate the most income and equity.


  • Home Addition

  • Second-Story Addition And Exterior Make-Over


HOME HIPPOS is a construction and real estate technology company focused on residential analysis to optimize any home’s space and value. Our 3D Visualization, Analysis, and Pro-Matching tools help you re-imagine your home and property in a way never available before.

Visualize construction projects on your site in 3D, calculate estimated construction cost and ROI. Should you decide to move forward on a project, we’ll introduce you to the best Pros to help you realize your goals.

Our Construction Concierge is available throughout your project to help you stay on track.

Our Project Portal makes it easy to stay organized and get quotes from the various Pros you’ll need along your construction journey.